T.J.Adye - DPhil Thesis - 1998

A Study of J/psi Production at the LEP e+e- Collider;
and the Implementation of the DELPHI Slow Controls System

Timothy John Adye
Lincoln College, Oxford

A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford
April 1998

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You can read a bit about the physics in this summary talk (0.5 MB Postscript), and a lot about the Slow Controls in this note (0.6 MB compressed Postscript).


24 Apr 1998 Submitted
28 Sep 1998 Viva
27 Nov 1998 Final version approved
Dec 1998 Leave to supplicate
5 Nov 2002 Bound library and web versions
26 Nov 2002 RAL Report

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