Released Software

Here is a list of software that I am making available for general use (as opposed to software that is designed for a specific environment, eg. one of the experiments I have worked on: DELPHI, BaBar, LHCb, and ATLAS).
RooUnfold is a framework for unfolding ("deconvolution" or "unsmearing"), currently implementing the iterative ("Bayesian"), singular value decomposition (SVD), and simple bin-by-bin methods. It can be used from the ROOT prompt, or linked against the ROOT libraries.
palm2ical reads a Datebook/Calendar file from a PalmOS-operated PDA or smartphone and writes complete information from all entries as an iCalendar file, suitable for import to Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, Google Calendar, and many other calendar applications.
Anti-spam e-mail obfuscator
Creates HTML/JavaScript for displaying e-mail addresses that are hidden from spambots in a robust, accessible, and secure manner.
Show Windows local and domain groups and users. Can list all users or groups, group membership, the groups a user is a member of, and the current user or group.
Download version 1.7: Windows executable or source code.
gifconv reads a GIF image file and converts it to other formats, notably PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript, in a particularly well-behaved and compact form.
is patch to xv for creating Postscript images in the same format as gifconv, which is much more compact than that produced by standard xv.

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