Postscript Reference Books

There are many good books on Adobe PostScript(TM) language programming.
Descriptions of all known books are listed below. A listing of publisher information follows. The most commonly known books are the ``blue book'', ``big red book'', and ``green book'' from Adobe, to be read in that order. They are nicknamed according for their jacket colors. Other books recommended to me include Thinking in PostScript, which allows its examples to be freely distributed, and PostScript by Example.


Adobe Illustrator(TM) - The Expert Advisor Series
Author Diane Burns, S. Venit, David Smith
Publisher Addison-Wesley, 1989
ISBN: 0-201-14397-6 $22.95

Adobe illustrator 3 complete.
Author Venit, Sharyn ; et al.
Publisher Reading, MA ; Wokingham : Addison-Wesley, c1991
Description ix, 412 p. : [4] p. of plates : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-201-57756-9 (pbk.) $22.45 Library# 006.6765

Adobe illustrator 3.0 : the official handbook for designers. 3rd. ed.
Author Bove, Tony ; Fred Davis, Cheryl Rhodes
Publisher New York : Bantam Books, 1991
Description xvi, 420 [8] p. of plates : ill. ; 24 cm.
ISBN: 0-553-35385-3 (pbk.) $24.95 ($31.95 Can.) Library# Z286. .D47 B66 1991

The Adobe Illustrator(TM) 3.2 : designer's guide (Sybex Macintosh library series)
Author Holzgang, David A.
Publisher San Francisco : Sybex, c1992
Description xviii, 358 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
ISBN 0-7821-1002-9 $24.95 Library# T385 .H674 1992

Adobe type 1 font format. [The Black Book]
Author Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, c1990.
Description iii, 103 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-201-57044-0 $14.95 (18.95 Can.)
Library# QA76.73 P67 A36 1990
This is the specification for the Type 1 font format.
Type 1 fonts are the standard outline format found in Adobe PostScript printers, implementations of the Display PostScript system, and available as download able fonts from the Adobe Type Library. This document describes the syntax of the Adobe Type 1 font format, including complete information regarding hints, encoding of character outlines, and the charstring and eexec encryption algorithms.

Apple LaserWriter reference :
for the LaserWriter, LaserWriter Plus, LaserWriter IINT and IINTX.
Author Apple Computer
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, c1988
Description xv, 167 p. ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-201-19258-6 $19.95 Library# TK7887.7 .A66 1988

Build your own PostScript laser printer and save a bundle. 2nd ed.
Author LaBadie, Horace W.
Publisher Blue Ridge Summit, PA : TAB Books, 1993
Description xviii, 149 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
ISBN 0-8306-4306-0 $19.60 Library# TK7887.7 .L33 1993

Creating special effects on the Macintosh.
Author Holzgang, David A.
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, c1992
Description xx, 471 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. + one computer disk (3 1/2 in.)
ISBN 0-201-57779-8 $28.95 ($37.95 Can.) Library# Z52.5 M28 H64 1991

Design essentials.
Author Cohen, Luanne Seymour ; et al.
Publisher Mountain View, CA : Adobe Press, c1992
Description vii, 102 p. : ill. (some col.) 23 x 31 cm. + 3-D viewing glasses inserted.
At head of title: Professional studio techniques.
ISBN 0-672-48538-9 $39.95 ($49.95 Can.) Library# T385 .D473 1992.

Design Techniques with Adobe Illustrator
Author Linda Miles, Betty Wilson
Publisher Sams, 1992
ISBN 0-672-30205-5 $39.95

Display PostScript programming.
Author Holzgang, David A.
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison Wesley, c1990
Description x, 406 p. : ill. 24 cm.
ISBN 0-201-51814-7 $24.95 Library# QA76.73 .P67 H63 1990

Encapsulated PostScript : application guide for the Macintosh and PC's.
Author Vollenweider, Peter
Publisher New York ; London : Prentice Hall 1990
Description xvii, 226 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. Translated from German
ISBN 0-13-275-843-1 (pbk.) $16.95 Library# QA76.73 .P67 V65 1990
The book's focus is EPS. However, it is an excellent book full of actual real life PostScript and Encapsulated PostScript applications on Macs, PCs, UNIX, IBM mainframe, and other computer systems.

Expert advisor : Adobe Illustrator. (The Addison-Wesley expert advisor series)
Author Burns, Diane ; S. Venit, David Smith
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, c1988
Description ix, 350 p., [4] p. of plates : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-201-14397-6 $22.95 Library# T385 .B864 1989

Graphic design with PostScript.
Author Kunkel, Gerard
Publisher Glenview, IL :Scott, Foresman, c1990
ISBN 0-673-38794-1 $29.95 Library# Z286 .D47 K87 1990

Halftoning with Adobe Accurate Screens(TM)
Author Peter Fink
Publisher Hayden, 1992
ISBN ??? $29.95

Hands-on PostScript.
Author Spring, Michael B. ; David S. Dubin
Publisher Carmel IN, : Hayden Books, c1992
Description xx, 431 p. ; 24 cm. + one computer disk (3 1/2 in.)
ISBN 0-672-30185-7 $29.95 ($37.95 Can.) Library# QA76.73 .P67 S67 1992
This is an introduction to PostScript for the novice or casual user. PostScript programming principles are introduced in the context of useful projects (e.g. greeting cards, letterhead, multi-page posters). The book includes five PostScript driver projects in Basic, Pascal, and C. A 3.5" DOS formatted diskette is included with all the source code. It does not cover PostScript level 2.

Illustration techniques with Adobe illustrator for Microsoft(TM) Windows(TM).
Author Miles, Linda ; Betty Wilson
Publisher Carmel, IN : Hayden, c1992
Description xxviii, 323 p., [16] p. of plates : ill. (some col.) ; 23 cm. + one computer disk (3 1/2 in.)
ISBN 0-672-30205-5 $39.95 Library# 006.6869

Inside the Apple LaserWriter
Author Hart, Roger
Publisher Glenview, IL : Scott, Foresman, c1989
Description xvii, 293 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-673-38064-5 Library# TK7887.7 .H38 1989

Inside PostScript.
Author Braswell, Frank Merritt
Publisher Berkeley, CA : Peachpit Press c1989
Description various pagings ; 23 cm.
ISBN 0-938151-10-X $37.50 Library# QA76.73 .P67 B73 1989
Inside PostScript essentially takes one on a tour of the standardinternal PostScript code in most printers. The author has worked extensively with an interpreter. (in PostScript terms, no low-level hardware stuff here like cexec and internaldict).

Laserwriter Reference
Author Apple Computer
Publisher Addison-Wesley, 1988
ISBN 0-201-19258-6 $19.95

Learning PostScript : a visual approach.
Author Smith, Ross
Publisher Berkeley, CA : Peachpit Press, 1990
Description various pagings
ISBN 0-938151-12-6 $ 22.95 Library# QA76.73 .P67 S55 1990
Learning PostScript is a tutorial on the PostScript language. It is very appealing, very easy to follow and filled with examples. Each example occupies two pages. A brief explanation and source code is on the left page, and the resultant print-out is on the facing right page. The book starts off very simply for beginners, and covers a lot of material at the end for experts. It was written before level 2 PostScript. In the later half of the book, a few examples can executed only if an additional disk is purchased.
The code for LPAVA is $ 20 from Smith Consultants, 834 Third St., Suite B, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, U.S.A. fax number: 415-524-9775

Linotronic imaging handbook :
the desktop publisher's guide to high-quality text and images.
Author Cavuoto, James ; Stephen Beale
Publisher Torrance, CA : Micro Publishing Press, 1990 Description vi, 217 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 23 cm.
ISBN 0-941845-06-0 $27.95 Library# Z253.4 .L56 C387 1990

Mastering Adobe illustrator.
Author Holzgang, David A.
Publisher San Francisco : Sybex, c1988
Description xviii, 330 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
ISBN 0895884631 (pbk.) Library# Z286 .D4 H67 1988

Mastering Adobe Illustrator 88.
Author McClelland, Deke ; Craig Danuloff
Publisher [Boulder, CO] :
Publishing Resources Inc. ; [Homewood, IL] : Dow Jones Irwin, c1989
Description xii, 298, [21] p. : ill ; 24 cm.
ISBN 1-55623-157-1 (Dow Jones Irwin) $24.95 Library# Z286 .D47 M375 1989

The official Adobe Photoshop(TM) handbook.
Author Biedny, David ; Bert Monroy
Publisher Toronto ; New York :
Bantam Books, 1991
Description xxxviii, 423 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-553-34876-0 $26.95 ($33.95 Can.) Library# QA76.8 .M3 B52 1991

Portable Document Format Reference Manual
Author Adobe Systems Incorporated
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison Wesley, 1993
ISBN 0-201-62628-4 (pbk.) $24.95 Library# QA76.9.F5P67 1993

PostScript by example.
Authors McGilton, Henry ; Mary Campione
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, c1992.
Description xviii, 620 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-201-63228-4 $29.95 ($38.95 Can.) Library# QA76.73 .P67 M34 1992
PostScript by example is a tutorial for PostScript people at all levels. It covers level 2 PostScript. The book starts at novice level and works through to Level Two composite fonts, patterns, forms, color, halftones, Display PostScript rectangle operators and text operators. It contains a chapter on practical issues of downloading fonts, talking to printers, and error handling. 620 pages containing over 500 fragments of PostScript code and over 750 illustrations. A long-awaited ``upgrade'' to the Blue Book.
Henry McGilton can be reached by email as Mary Campione can be reached by email as
A disk containing 13,000 lines of PostScript code from the book can be ordered separately for $ 20 from: Trilithon Software, Two Ohlone, Portola Valley, CA 94028, U.S.A.
Or, send email to

A postscript cookbook.
Author Thomas; Barry
Publisher New York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1988.
Description vii, 144 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-442-23686-7 $9.98 Library# QA76.73 .P67 T48 1988

PostScript screening : Adobe accurate screens.
Author Fink, Peter
Publisher Mountain View, CA : Adobe Press, c1992.
Description xvi, 175 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
ISBN 0-672-48544-3 (pbk.) Library# T385 .F55 1992
Explains in detail all the issues and specifically covers Adobe Accurate Screens -- Adobes' own screening technology. Peter Fink is an expert on the subject of halftone screens as they relate to color issues.

PostScript, Eine Umfassende Einfuhrung in die Programmierung
Author Wilfred Soker
Publisher Vieweg & Sohn Verlag GmbH, Postfach 5829, D-6200, Wiesbaden 1, Germany
ISBN 3-528-14711-3

PostScript font handbook
- a directory of type 1 fonts. Rev. ed.
Authors Grosvenor, Jonathan editor ; Kaye Morrison, Alexandia Pim
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, c1992.
Description x, 425 p. : ill ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-201-56893-4 $24.95 ($31.95 Can.) Library# Z250.7 .P67 1992

PostScript fuer Workstations
Author Vollenweider, Peter (
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, 1992.
ISBN 3-89319-459-2

Dieses Buch ist in Deutsche geschrieben.
Es beschreibt PostScript fuer Workstations, mit Display PostScript, PostScript 2, und Farben.
This book is written in German. It describes using PostScript on workstations. It covers Display PostScript, PostScript Level 2, and colors.

PostScript Language Program Design. [The Green Book]
Author Adobe Systems Incorporated ; Glenn Reid
Publisher Reading , MA : Addison-Wesley, c1988
Description xii, 224 p. ; 23 cm.
ISBN 0-201-14396-8 (pbk.) $22.95 Library# QA76.73 .P67 R45 1988
PostScript Language Program Design is intended to teach the fundamentals of designing PostScript language programs and to show how the language works, so the your programs will be fast, well-behaved, easy to understand, and portable.
Code Examples: $ 15 from the developer support hotline.
Free from the Adobe mail server (see Section 6, ``About Adobe'').

PostScript Language Reference Manual. 1st ed. [The Old Red Book]
Author Adobe Systems Inc.
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, 1985.
Description ix, 299 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-201-10174-2 Library# QA76.73 .P67 P67 1986
The first edition of the reference manual. It describes PostScript level 1 only. It is a subset of the PostScript level 2 book, and is now out of print.

PostScript language reference manual. 2nd ed. [The Big Red Book]
Author Adobe Systems Incorporated ; [authors, Ed Taft, Jeff Walden ; editing, Jeff Walden, Paul Engstrom ; illustration Carl Yoshihara, Wendy Ball, Dayna Portfield]
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, c1990
Description viii 764 p. : ill. 24 cm.
ISBN 0-201-18127-4 $26.95 Library QA76.73 .P67 P67 1990
PostScript language reference manual is the book that defines the PostScript language. The second edition not only defines Level 1 PostScript, but also encompasses the color, composite font, file system, and DPS extensions and the PostScript language Level 2.

PostScript language tutorial and cookbook. [The Blue book]
Author Adobe Systems Incorporated
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison Wesley, 1985
Description x, 243 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-201-10179-3 (pbk.) $16.95 Library# QA76.73 .P67 P68 1985
PostScript language tutorial and cookbook is the most common tutorial book on PostScript. It provides an easy, informal introduction to the PostScript language and graphics primitives. The cookbook is a collection of programs that are offered as examples of PostScript usage. These samples have been chosen both as illustrations of the functional range of PostScript and as useful ingredients for inclusion in application packages.
Code Examples: $ 15 from the developer support hotline. Free from the Adobe mail server (see Section 6, ``About Adobe'').

PostScript programmer's reference guide : featuring PhoenixPage.
Author Holzgang, David A.
Publisher Glenview, IL : Scott, Foresman, c1989
Description x, 486 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
ISBN 0-673-38574-4 $24.95 Library# QA76.73 .P67 H64 1989
An authoritative guide for programmers, developers, or anyone who wants to get the most out of PostScript. It offers clear instructions, a complete language reference section, and a cookbook of hands-on sample routines. (avail for $ 20 extra on disk) ...
It includes complete information on PhoenixPage/PS, Phoenix Technologies' fully PostScript-compatible language.

Programming the display PostScript system with NeXTSTEP. [The Purple Book]
Author Adobe Systems Incorporated ; [author Ken Fromm]
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, c1992
Description xxvii, 380 p. ill. ; 22 cm.
ISBN 0-201-58135-3 $26.95 ($34.95) Library# QA76.73 .P67 P76 1991
Written for the NeXT(TM) programming environment; however, much of the information it contains applies to all Display PostScript(TM) developers. The book explains the language extensions commonly used within applications, describes many of the key aspects of the PostScript language imaging model, and provides a framework for creating Display PostScript language applications.

Programming the Display PostScript System with X.
Author: Adobe Systems Inc.
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Cost: $ 26.95
Written specifically for developers using the X Window System. It is intended to help X application developers improve quality, optimize performance, and minimize development cost. Featuring a Programming Guide with advice on how to write robust, efficient Display PostScript applications, the book also contains a new Toolkit manual and the standard Display PostScript reference manuals.
Programming the LaserWriter (Macintosh inside out series)
Author Holzgang, David A.
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, c1991
Description xxv, 439 p. ill. ; 23 cm.
ISBN 0-201-57068-8 $24.95 Library# TK7887.7 .H65 1991

Rapid reference guide to System 7, the LaserWriter Family, and Hypercard(TM). (Business One Irwin rapid reference series)
Author Fraase, Michael
Publisher Homewood, IL : Business One Irwin, c1993
Description xx, 282 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
ISBN 1556239025 $24.95 Library# QA76.76 .O63 F375 1993

Real world PostScript : techniques from PostScript professionals. [The Orange Book]
Author Roth, Stephen F., editor
Publisher Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, c1988.
Description xiv, 383 p. [4] p. of plates : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-201-06663-7 (pbk.) $22.95 Library# Z286 .D47 R4 1988
A collection of articles dealing with ``real world'' PostScript language issues and specific applications such as font creation, color separation, kerning, halftoning, various other topics. It contains a text formatter written in PostScript, and concentrates on doing very sophisticated things with fonts and dictionaries.
Short overview of chapters: PostScript As A Design Tool; PostScript As A Programming Language; Writing Device Independent PostScript; Kerning, Tracking And Letterspacing, Precise Character Bounding Boxes; Building Fonts; Building Smart Fonts; Font Encoding Vector Compatibility; Building A PostScript Typeface; PostScript Color Operations; PostScript Color Separations; A Spread From Graphic Perspective; A PostScript Four-Color Poster; Graphing And Typesetting With PostScript; The Evolution Of A Complex Geometric Logo

Running PostScript from MS-DOS. 1st ed.
Author Glover, Gary
Publisher Blue Ridge Summit, PA : Windcrest, c1989.
Description ix, 209 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
ISBN 0-8306-2998-X $21.60 Library# QA76.73 .P67 G56 1989
Provides a good and brief introduction to PostScript and has lots of useful information on printing PostScript from PCs.

Taking advantage of PostScript.
Author Sherman, John F.
Publisher Dubuque, IA : Wm. C. Brown Publishers, c1992
Description ix, 326 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
ISBN 0-697-14032-6 Library# QA76.73 .P67 S54 1992
Graphically and visually oriented and includes a section on PostScript Level 2.

Terminal Buch, PostScript Fonts und Programmiertechnik
Author Thomas Merz
Publisher R. Oldenburg Verlag, Munchen, Germany
ISBN 3-486-21674-0

Thinking in PostScript.
Author Reid, Glenn C. Publisher Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley, c1990
Description xiii, 221 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
ISBN 0-201-52372-8 $22.95 ($29.95 Can.) Library# QA76.73 .P67 R46 1990
Guide to developing programming techniques and to learning how to use the PostScript tool kit. In this book you can find some useful techniques even if you think of yourself as an expert PS programmer. It overlaps very little with existing material. You can find there numerous practical examples in all areas of PS language programming, including the Display PS system. In this volume you will also find:
(a) never-before- published information on the PS language
(b) useful algorithms for loops, conditionals, and I/O
(c) detailed coverage of files, strings, and dictionaries
(d) simple and elegant programming techniques
The books comes recommended by many. There are also exercises after each Chapter with the results at the end of the book. You can really find examples how to define new useful operators or procedures which you cannot find in the Adobe books. To get the examples from the book for free, send email to the author,

Understanding PostScript. 3rd ed.
Author Holzgang, David A. Publisher San Francisco : Sybex, c1992
Description xxxiii, 515 p. : ill. 23 cm. "For PostScript levels 1 and 2"--Cover p. [1]
ISBN 0-7821-1059-2 $29.95 Library# QA76.73 .P67 H65 1992

Understanding PostScript Programming. 2nd ed.
Author Holzgang, David A.
Publisher San Francisco : Sybex, 1988
Description xxxii, 472 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
ISBN 0-89588-566-2 Library# QA76.73 .P67 H65 1988 The Verbum book of PostScript illustration. 1st ed. (The Verbum electronic art & design series.) Author Gosney, Michael ; Linnea Dayton, Janet Ashford Publisher Redwood City, CA : M & T Books, 1990
Description vii, 213 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 28 cm.
ISBN 1-55851-089-3 $29.95 Library# QA76.73 .P67 G57 1990

Subject: 5.2
Publishers Most of the above books should be available in any big bookstore that has a computer section. Or contact the publishers:

Addison-Wesley, Retail Sales Group,
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.,
One Jacob Way, Reading, MA 01867,
U.S.A. Phone 800-447-2226 or 617-944-3700, Fax 617-942-1117.

Addison-Wesley Publishing Company,
2200 Powell Street, Emeryville, California 94608
U.S.A. Phone (510) 601-4000

Adobe Press , Adobe Systems, Inc.
1585 Charleston Road, Mountain View, CA 94039,
Phone 415-961-4400. Toll free 800-833-6687.
Adobe Press is partially a misnomer, it is not a independent publishing unit but more like a customer or documentation service of Adobe Systems, Inc.
The Red, Blue, Green, and Black Books can be purchased from Adobe Systems by calling toll free, 800-83-FONTS (800-833-6687).

Busn One Irvin ,
Business 1 Irvin, Division of Richard D. Irvin, Inc.
1818 Ridge Road, Homewood IL, 60430.
Phone 708-798-6000. Toll free 800-634-3966.

Imprint: Pub. by Dow Jones (Dow Jones Books).
Bantam , Bantam Books, Inc. Division of Bantam Doubleday Dell.
666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10103.
Phone 212-765-6500. Toll free 800-223-6834.

Dow Jones Irvin See Busn One Irvin.

Hayden Books, Imprint of Sams. M & T Bks, M & T Books.
501 Galveston Drive, Redwood City, CA 94063-4728.
Phone 415-366-3600. Toll free 800-533-4372 ; 800-356-2002.

Micro Publishing Press
21150 Hawthorne Boulevard, Suite 104,
Torrance, California 90503 U.S.A.
Phone 213-371-5787.

Peachpit Press,
1085 Keith Ave., Berkeley, CA 94708, U.S.A.
Phone 415-527-8555. Toll free 800-283-9444.

Prentice Hall, Prentice Hall Press.
Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.
15 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10023.
Phone 201-767-5937. Toll free 800-223-2348.
Orders to: 200 Old Tappan Road, Old Tappan, NJ 07675.

Sams, Division of Macmillan Computer Publishing.
11711 North College Avenue, Suite 140, Carmel, IN 46032.
Phone 317-573-2500. Toll free 800-257-5755.
Orders to Macmillan Computer Publishing,
8219 Northwest Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46278.

Imprint: Hayden Books Scott, Foresman and Company,
Subsidiary of HarperCollins Publishing Co.
1900 East Lake Avenue, Glenview, IL 60025.
Phone 708-729-3000.

Sybex, Inc.
2021 Challenger Drive, Alameda, CA 94501.
Phone 415-523-8223. Toll free 800-227-2346.
Imprint: Sybex Computer Books TAB Books,
Division of McGraw-Hill Inc. P.O. Box 40, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17294-0850.
Phone 717-794-2191. Toll free 800-822-8138 ; 800-233-1128.

Imprint: Windcrest Books Windcrest Books
Imprint of TAB Books. Van Nostrand Reinhold,
Division of Thomson Publishing Corp.
115 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, 10003.
Phone 212-254-3232. Toll free 800-926-2664.
Orders to: 7625 Empire Dr., Florence, KY 41022.
Phone 606-525-6600

Wm C Brown, Brown, William C. Publishing.
2460 Kerper Boulevard, Dubuque, IA 52001.
Phone 319-588-1451. Toll free 800-338-5578.

About Adobe PostScript was created by Adobe Systems Incorporated, which offers information and sells programs pertaining to PostScript. Currently the only large PostScript company that I have information on is Adobe. I would be happy to include information about others.

How do I get in touch with Adobe?
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Main phone: +1-415-961-4400
1585 Charleston Road Main
FAX: +1-415-961-3769
P.O. Box 7900 Mountain View, CA 94039-7900
If you want technical help using Adobe retail products (e.g. ATM, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fonts): Adobe forum on CompuServe, call 1-408-986-6500 (for Macintosh) or 1-408-986-6530 (for Windows, Unix) Also use this number to report bugs in retail products. Adobe also has an automated tech support line, which will fax technical notes and product literature to you, and attempt to answer common questions via a menu-driven system. That number is 1-800-235-0078. For sales information on Adobe retail products (prices, catalogues, etc.), call +1-800-235-0078 (fax-back brochures) or +1-800-833-6687 (applications sales only). For books call 800-852-3623. The Developer's Hotline is +1-415-961-4111 (Voicemail) (note: members have priority, but they'll take questions from general public.) Also use this number for information about the ADA or Adobe SDK's.
To suggest product enhancements, write or fax to ``Product Manger, product name' at address above.
In Europe:
Adobe Systems BV, Europlaza, Hoogoorddreef 51a, 1101 BE Amsterdam Z-O, NETHERLANDS. TEL +31-20-65-11-200. FAX +31-20-65-11-300.

In the eastern United States:
Adobe Sys. Inc., 24 New England Executive Park, Burlington MA 01803.
TEL +1-617-273-2120. FAX +1-617-273-2336.

In Japan:
Adobe Systems Japan, Swiss Bank House, 4-1-8 Toranomon, Minato ku, Tokyo 105 JAPAN.
TEL +81-3-3437-8950. FAX +81-3-3437-8968.

What can Adobe do for me?
Adobe is just one of many companies producing products for PostScript, but it does produce a lot of the best. Adobe offers two resources for software developers.
1. Membership in the Adobe Developers Association (ADA) ( $ 195/year)
2. PostScript Language Software Development Kit (SDK) ( $ 500, $ 250 for ADA)
The Developer's Association is Adobe's way of knowing who has a serious interest in technical information. Membership includes monthly technical newsletter, phone technical support, discounts on software and hardware. Membership is $ 195/year for each individual.
The PostScript Language Software Development Kits collect all Adobe's technical literature for a given platform into a single package. There are four versions, for the Mac, MS-DOS/Windows, NeXTStep, and X/Windows. Each SDK is $ 500 list, $ 250 for ADA members.
A selection of free technical documents is available from Adobe's file server and anonymous ftp archive ( It includes specs (including the aforementioned EPS specification), some tech notes, sample programs, a large collection of AFM files and PPD files.
For more information on the file server, send the one-word message ``help'' to These documents are also available by mail, although they are not necessarily free; call the Developers Line and ask for the documents catalog. The contents of both ps-file-server and the ftp archive are nominally the same, although they are currently maintained on two separate machines.