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Welcome to Tim's home page

[event details] This is a simulated event from the BaBar Experiment, showing the decays of a B0-meson and its antiparticle. It is one of 568 million BaBar events simulated using the UK Particle Physics Grid, each event taking 5 seconds of processor time to generate. The Grid allows us to use the resources of many sites round the country: for this production we used four sites (the event shown here was generated at the RAL Tier A).

The display shows the two B-mesons' decay products as curved tracks (in red) in the central region of the detector (move your mouse over the image to see a blow-up of the central tracking detectors). Some particles also deposit energy in the calorimeters (green and blue blocks). Particle identification is assisted by measuring the Cherenkov rings, which are also shown. A real event from the detector would look much the same (as of April 2007, we have recorded 430 million B-meson events).

I previously worked on the DELPHI Experiment, which observed the first W+W- event from LEP.

Particle Physics (introductory)

And here's some stuff that I've had a hand in.

OK, that's the interesting stuff out of the way. Now on to some...

Things I am working on




Useful stuff (maybe)

Various software, including...


Old stuff (that might have been useful at some point)

not forgetting...

Some cool organisations (that are spending your money to descover how the universe works)

Other good stuff (that deserve a plug from me, for the infinitessimal good it may do them)

Copied Stuff

I have made local copies of some material that I have found useful but slow to access from its original site. This material could be out of date, so it's best to check with the original site. Depending on your location, you may also find that quicker.

Copyright notes.


This web page has evolved over time. If you are interested in such things, you can read about what I've been up to (who knows, perhaps you will find that I'm your long-lost mother).

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