Tim Adye

[stupid photo] I work in the Particle Physics Department of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council). The department collaborates on many experiments round the world.

I am involved in the BaBar and ATLAS experiments. On BaBar I develop the data management, data distribution, and offline skim production software. On ATLAS I coordinate the validation of the track reconstruction software (protected page).

I worked on DELPHI as a RAL summer student in 1984, and from 1986, when I joined RAL, to 2000, when LEP ceased operation. My main areas of interest on DELPHI were the Slow Controls, the Vertex Detector, and B-Physics. Since 1996, I have worked on BaBar. I also managed the BaBar Tier A Centre at RAL (1998-2007). In 2006, I also joined the LHCb Collaboration, where I worked on the track reconstruction software, moving on to ATLAS in 2007.

See my home page for more information and links.

Contact Information

Tim Adye, Particle Physics Department, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Didcot, Oxon, OX11 0QX, United Kingdom.
E-mail: T.J.Adye@rl.ac.uk — home page: http://hepunx.rl.ac.uk/~adye/homepage.html
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory:       (+44) 1235-446632;
                           Fax:       (+44) 1235-446733  (Didcot, UK); or
CERN:                                 (+41)   22-7671173 (Geneva, CH)
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory: (+1)   650-9263761 (California, USA); or

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